Juan Checanovski S.A.I.C.
Is a pioneer company in the country with over 70 years experience in manufacturing screws of the renowned brand "NERIS" located in the town of Sarandi, Buenos Aires province, occupying a floor area of 2,500 square meters, where manufactures products of the highest quality in a wide variety, among which are those called standard and special screws, all in compliance with national and international norms and taking care of the ambient environment.

The extensive range of products includes all kinds of fasteners such as: machine screws, self-tapping (all varieties), self-drilling, combined with captive washers, in normal and trilobular threads, in many different types of heads and slots (conventional cross, with internal teeth,, etc.), with and without heat treatment and surface coatings of zinc (white, yellow, black), cadmium plating, nickel, brass, chrome, and others.

Brandsen 2551 - (1872) Sarandí - Buenos Aires

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